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  "I Believe" (Singel)

The single "I Believe" was released on June 11th, 2006 during the Hjorundfjorddagane (business and entertainment fair) in Sabo, Orsta. The single consists of two songs: "I Believe" and "You Are My Angel".  "I Believe" was submitted to Norsktoppen (Norway's Top 10 hit list), where it entered the list straight away and remained for 24 weeks from July 22nd, 2006 to January 13th, 2007, including 4 weeks at #1!

"I Believe" has been nominated for "Best Song" of the county of Moere and Romsdal. For more information, please visit

The video for "I Believe" is currently in rotation at Country Jukebox on NRK2 every Saturday and Sunday late nights.  It can also be viewed by clicking the link below:
"I Believe" Musicvideo

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"I Believe" (mp3 sample)

"You Are My Angel" (mp3 sample)




  "Your Story"

The album, entitled "Your Story" was released on December 20th, 2006 at Amfi Moagard in Aalesund.  The album contains 12 songs in the folk/classic pop genre. The order of the songs is deliberate and built up to create a story. Renate Lade has written the lyrics and composed the music to all the songs.

An excerpt of the foreword to the album reads:

"Life consists of small stories. Some we'd like to forget, whilst others we highlight.  No matter our efforts, we bring these stories with us and they continue to influence our lives.  This album tells a story that talks about creating your own history. There are many things we cannot control in our lives, but there is that "something" living in all of us. Something that has to do with a special characteristic, a voice - a will - a belief in that some things ring more true than others."

About the booklet of poems
A booklet of poems entitled "Sokemodus" is a bonus addition to the CD. Renate Lade created this with the thought of strengthening the content of the lyrics to the album. The poems are in Norwegian and contain small aphorisms that  deal with the development of relationships. 

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"That Special Someone" (mp3 sample)




  "Kjære Menneske" (Singel)

Songen "Kjære menneske” handlar om det å vere til stades i livet her og no, stresse ned og kjenne etter at ein lever.

Songen "Sovevise" handlar om det å vere forelder eller ein viktig vaksenperson i eit barns liv.

Singelen er på nynorsk.



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