Renate Lade  
About Renate Lade

Renate Lade originally hails from Sykkylven in the district of Sunnmoere in Norway. She holds a degree in education and her daily job as a coach and educator naturally influences her lyrics. Renate Lade has a long, musical career behind her. Among several highlights, she participated in "Kantoriet", the house choir for Rune Larsen's program "Absolutt Norsk" (Absolutely Norwegian). Additionally, she has held a number of other jobs as a back up singer for different popular artists across the country.
For the past 2 or 3 years, she has been composing her own songs and lyrics, which now, for the first time ever, has resulted in the making of an album. Through her lyrics, Renate wishes to share her strong view that the most important task in life is is to find your own will, your own voice and to create your own history.

Renate Lade and the music
Renate's music is referred to as calm and reflected. By many it has been placed in the genre folk/classic pop music. Several critics describe her music also as melodic. The music is inspired by enocunters the artists has had with people and is about interaction and relationships, so as to not forget love. This is an album for anyone who wonders why we as human beings, constantly are being influenced by each other and what needs to happen to get one step closer to find hope and belief in yourself and life. The album imparts moods that encourage reflection. The piano strengthens this mood by way of its meditative play.